The moment you walk in the door at Lester's you'll enjoy the aroma of wood smoke mingling with the smell of good food being made right here in our kitchen. That's because we make all our barbecue sauces, side dishes and desserts from scratch. It tastes like home cookin' because it is!

There's only one way to cook real Southern Barbecue…Low and Slow. Slow cooking at low temperatures for long periods of time keeps the meat moist, tender and full of natural flavor. But before we start smokin' we put on a "rub". It's our own blend of seasonings and spices. Then we use hickory wood trucked up from Virginia to give our ribs, brisket, chicken and pork a subtle smoky flavor.
Featured in the Merrimack Valley Magazine’s Good Eats!
Decreed as Top 10 BBQ in Boston by the Boston Globe
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