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Who is Lester?
I met Lester on one of my many bar-b-q pilgrimages to the South. He was around back tending his pit…a 55 gal drum cut in half lengthwise and hinged on one side. When Lester opened the lid, a cloud of sweet hickory smoke swirled around his head. When the smoke cleared, you could see slabs of shiny dark brown ribs. Lester took his long fork and lifted one of those juicy slabs onto a paper plate that collapsed around the edges from the sheer size and weight. He piled on a mound of baked beans cooked with molasses and brown sugar, laid on a spoonful of coleslaw that had just a little bite to it, some homemade pickles and cornbread.

I sat down at the picnic table under a big willow and enjoyed a meal that I couldn't find words to describe. I washed it down with some sweet tea, then spent a few minutes talking with Lester about how you make real pit-smoked barbecue. Of course he didn't give me all his secrets. Since then, I've developed a few of my own…

Teddy Menounos
Pit Boss/Owner
Lester's Roadside Bar-B-Q
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