3 Methods How To Cure Vampirism In Skyrim

Hurt by sunshine, stigmatized by mortals, and notorious for their unquenchable thirst for blood, vampires go to severe lengths to conceal their condition or even their whole existence from mortals. If the infection has actually rooted prior to 3 days have actually passed, a Potion of Remedy Illness can be consumed to treat Sanguinare Vampiris, which, as formerly discussed, is the illness that ultimately leads to Vampirism. He needs a filled Black Soul Gem to treat vampirism.

Vampirism comes in 4 phases of seriousness. The seriousness of the infection increases the longer the vampire goes without consuming blood. Upon reaching phase 4 of vampirism, mortals can identify the vampire more quickly, assaulting or leaving nearly upon sight.

The Dawnguard plug-in includes a Vampire Lord capability with eleven advantages to open through levelling up. In addition, characters no longer turn hostile when the Dragonborn is at phase 4 vampirism, however they will if they are in Vampire Lord type.

Sanguinare Vampiris

Sanguinare Vampiris is the illness that ultimately culminates in vampirism and is usually contracted when assaulted by a vampire, either with physical attacks or undergoing their Vampiric Drain spell. There is a 10% opportunity of infection if one is assaulted by Vampiric Drain.

If the illness has actually not been treated (by means of a Remedy Illness potion or hoping at a shrine) within 3 days, the infection alters into complete vampirism, triggering a series of helpful and maladaptive characteristics to emerge in the topic. Consuming blood can remain the infection and reduce the deficits of the illness.

In Dawnguard, drinking from the bloodspring in Redwater Den likewise permits the illness to be contracted.

Utilizing console commands

In PC variations of Skyrim, the console can be utilized to contract Vampirism without being bitten or waiting for the phases of the infection to advance. It can be done with the player.setrace command; for example, to alter into a Bosmer vampire, player.setrace woodelfracevampire should be gotten in.

If one desires to be contaminated with the exact same illness however desires the Dawnguard version, they must rather type in the command, player.addspell xx0037E9. Clearly, this will just work if the Dawnguard add-on has actually been set up.

Resistance to vampirism

While contaminated with Lycanthropy as a result of getting associated with the Buddies questline, or when otherwise taken part in Monster Kind as a result of a bug related to Hircine's Ring, gamer characters efficiently end up being completely unsusceptible to vampirism, as they can not contract the pre-requisite Sanguinare Vampiris illness. Argonians and Bosmer are naturally resistant to illness, being 50% less most likely than other races to contract vampirism, while the rest might furthermore gear up magics or beverage withstand illness potions to prevent infection.

Keep in mind that, despite any other preventative procedures taken, deciding to end up being a Vampire Lord will cause the status immediately, getting rid of Lycanthropy if currently present. It's likewise possible to end up being a vampire while maintaining Lycanthropy through console commands.


Vampires are quickly appreciable from a non-infected person. Fangs extend from their gums, permitting for much easier feeding of blood.
Their students likewise end up being slit-like. With the Argonians; they grow sets of double fangs which extend from the upper jaw at the front of the mouth, the eyes (if not currently slit) will end up being slit-like and pale, and the colour of the scales grow greyer as the infection intensifies.

Phases of vampirism and their results

After around twenty-four hours without feeding, a vampire advances a phase. Feeding constantly brings the vampire back to phase one. Without Dawnguard set up, characters end up being hostile towards the vampire as the infection weakens, assaulting them on sight.

Results throughout all phases

These results exist throughout all phases of infection and are constantly active:

Weak point to Sunshine-- Health, Magicka, and Endurance do not recuperate while in sunshine, and the skin appears to gradually burn as time is invested in sunshine The vampire's existing phase figures out the intensity of this.
Withstand Illness-- The Dragonborn's vampiric blood provides 100% resistance to illness.
Withstand Toxin-- The Dragonborn's vampiric blood provides 100% resistance to toxin.
Nightstalker's Steps-- Vampires are 25% more difficult to find while slipping.
Champ of the Night-- Impression spells cast by a vampire are 25% more effective.
Keep in mind: the setup of the Dawnguard add-on might impact these.

Weak point to sunshine.

Sunshine, came across outside throughout the day in between 5 am and 7 pm, is very hazardous to vampires. Vampires move more quickly at night due to the fact that of this. Gearing up garments that approves a quicker regrowth portion on any of the 3 primary statistics, utilizing the Girl Standing Stones, or taking a perk that grants much faster regrowth permits stat healing no matter one's weak point to sunshine.

With the addition of Dawnguard, it is possible to nullify the results of the sun for a day, by utilizing Auriel's Acquiesce shoot Bloodcursed Elven Arrows at it.


If the Dragonborn is at phase 4 of vampirism without the Dawnguard add-on, to prevent hostile individuals, they should travel by night and prevent locations where a vampiric infection would be observed.

Casting Pacify on characters can avoid them from assaulting a vampire since vampirism reinforces Impression spells. Advantages such as "Kindred Mage" might require to be opened initially, prior to particular expert-level individuals are impacted by the spell.

Impacts at each phase

Unlike the continuous impacts, which exist throughout all phases of infection, these impacts change as the infection is or degrades rescinded, due to feeding or absence thereof.

Champ of the Night-- Impression spells cast by a vampire are 25% more powerful.

Nightstalker's Steps-- The Dragonborn is 25% more difficult to spot.
Weak point to Sunshine-- Health, magicka, and endurance never ever recuperate in broad daytime.

Each stat is stunted, also, which increases with the intensity of infection. Vampire's Servant-- Reanimate a dead body to eliminate for the vampire for one minute. Spell restricted to one cast daily. Enhances with intensity of infection.

Vampire's Sight-- Enhance night vision for restricted period. It can be utilized several times a day and can be toggled on and off.
Vampiric Drain-- Take in x points of health per 2nd from target. Functions as a novice-level Damage spell whose magnitude and period boost with intensity of infection. With Dawnguard set up, it can likewise drain pipes magicka and endurance.

As soon as per day, Vampire's Seduction-- Individuals and animals are soothed for a restricted period. With the addition of Dawnguard, targets can be utilized for vampiric feeding. Embrace of Shadows-- The vampire becomes invisible, with night vision for 180 seconds. When per day; engaging with anything will get rid of invisibility as per normal, can just be utilized.


Considering that ending up being a Vampire categorizes the Dragonborn as undead, they will get the result of the Necromage perk (if selected as a Repair ability). Necromage improves all enthusiasts and debuffs by 25%. A standard Vampire character at phase 4 raises its Resist Frost to 62.5%; similarly with its Weak point to Fire to 62.5%.
The fascinating function of this perk is that all Magics count as enthusiasts and will be increased by 25%. Basically, whatever in Active Impacts is improved by this perk.

3 Ways Treating Vampirism

Standard approach

Rising At Dawn Quest Location
Ask any bartender about any reports walking around. They direct the contaminated individual to Falion in Morthal, who studies vampires. Taking a trip to Morthal while at phase 4 vampirism can be challenging, because hostile individuals will assault the Vampire on sight (unless the Dawnguard add-on is set up).

When there, he notifies the Vampire that a routine can be carried out to reverse the curse. Falcon uses to offer the Vampire a Black Soul Gem if they can not obtain one through other methods.

Fill the Black Soul Gem by casting Soul Trap on a humanoid target.
Meet Falion at the stone circle to treat the infection.

Fashion always accepts you to treat Vampirism, so the mission can be finished numerous times if contaminated with more than one celebration.


Ending up being a Monster immediately treatments Vampirism. Aela the Huntress turns the Dragonborn into a monster must they choose to sign up with the Buddies and end up being a member of the circle.

Console Commands

Another method of treating Vampirism is using Console Commands; one should open the console and typeset stage 000EAFD5 10. By utilizing the Console Command code show race menu to alter the Dragonborn's race, Vampirism is right away gotten rid of. This is likewise real of the changes command.

If one is having problem treating one's vampirism, or having problem getting Increasing at Dawn mission to begin (to clear it), a repair is to enter setstage 0005C625 200 rather. It is very important to keep in mind that this will clear total the Increasing at Dawn mission.


Consuming the blood of the uninfected remains the vampiric infection. Levels of vampirism can be reversed just by consuming blood.

Feeding accumulates a bounty of 40 GoldIcon in the matching holds, if captured. Slip, Smother, and invisibility are helpless to reduce the possibilities of detection. There are 2 approaches for feeding readily available to vampires:

Kinds of feeding


To feed, one should approach a sleeping humanoid and push the interaction button. If effective, a black message box appears with the alternatives of "Feed" or "Speak to <character's name=""></character's>

The seriousness of the infection increases the longer the vampire goes without consuming blood. Upon reaching phase 4 of vampirism, mortals can find the vampire more quickly, assaulting or getting away practically upon sight.

In addition, characters no longer turn hostile when the Dragonborn is at phase 4 vampirism, however they will if they are in Vampire Lord kind.

Without Dawnguard set up, characters end up being hostile towards the vampire as the infection degrades, assaulting them on sight. Vampire's Servant-- Reanimate a dead body to combat for the vampire for 60 seconds.