Edendale Dining Establishment

There was a time when even the idea of going to Edendale on the weekend was consulted with instant heartburn just because of the length of time you understood you’d be waiting on a table. Thankfully, those days are gone, and Edendale has become a significant breakfast area with a front outdoor patio perfect for mimosa-ing your method through the weekend. The fire station-turned-restaurant still has a great, subtle environment and food that’s continuously strong.


Edendale includes an impressive “Comfort-Fusion” menu, a magnificent barn, a substantial white wine list, modest rates, and lovely outdoor patios.


Developed in 2010.

The Edendale Grill & Mixville Bar, Edendale, was relabelled when acquired by a brand-new owner in 2010. With an utterly brand-new menu, more to pick from at the bar, and friendly personnel, Edendale anticipates serving the Silver Lake location for several years to come!


Dynamic bar/eatery in an old firehouse

This Silver Lake center of modern-day American home cooking and traditional mixed drinks is a magnet for very first dates, happy hour meetups, and group events. The previous 1920s station house has a well-worn ambiance with its pressed-tin ceiling and dark accents in the bar, with a romantic patio area scattered with twinkling lights and leafy trees. яндекс

American Restaurant in Silver Lake

2838 Rowena Ave.

Los Angeles, CA, 90039.

( 323) 666-2000.


  1. Friday 5 pm
  2. Saturday 5 pm
  3. Sunday 11 am
  4. Monday 5 pm
  5. Tuesday 5 pm
  6. Wednesday 5 pm
  7. Thursday 5 pm

Payment types

Credit Cards (incl. Discover & Visa)