Laze Around at Gudetama Café with the Adorable Sanrio Character

Most of you must know already about Sanrio and its popular character, Hello Kitty. But how about Gudetama? This character may not look as charming and lovely as his counterpart as he’s always complaining even over the slightest difficult things, calling them mendokusai (a pain). However, his laziness is the appeal which distinguishes him from the other usually sweet Sanrio mascots. People on the internet has been crazy about him because, let’s be honest, he’s just too relatable to most of us.


Photo from Favy

Gudetama is an egg yolk, so you can guess that the café and almost everything inside is yellow in color. The café is located on the seventh floor of HEP FIVE, a shopping center near Umeda Station in Osaka. It’s no biggie to tell which because you’ll probably notice it right away if you’ve recognized the character beforehand; the café is decorated with drawings of Gudetama in various lazy poses.

Once you get inside the café, you’ll notice the wallpaper, statue, and posters of the lazy egg yolk hanging from the ceilings which adorn the entire seating area. There is a number of square dining tables for two at the center and other types of seating arrangements surrounding them. The white, square tables are accentuated by unbearably cute Gudetama printings on the surface. However, the most anticipated thing you should expect is the big, fluffy Gudetama plushies sitting on some of the chairs, ready to accompany you to take your taste buds on a ride.

Food Menu

Photo from Favy

The unmotivated Sanrio character has got its own animation series on his official YouTube channel, and if you watch them, you’ll notice that this egg is quite versatile: he can be a sunny side up egg one time and be a caramel custard the other time. He can basically turn into any food, so you may find the ones you’ve watched amongst the menus offered. There’s this cute Gude White Curry where you can see Gudetama’s little butt sticking out from beneath the bacon. You can also find Gudetama’s face on the egg yolk served with the Nagai Mono Ni Makaretai pasta. In addition, the café serves the Japanese infamous rice ball onigiri called Jiyu Ni Naritai in which the rice is wrapped around Gudetama-shaped tamagoyaki (Japanese term for fried egg).

The themed-café also serves various kinds of desserts; you can order the Gudetama Mont Blanc pudding, Samu french toast as well as the big, mango-y crepes. If you desire a rather Japanese delicacies, try the Amayakashite Castella Anmitsu set comprising of castella cake—a wagashi (Japanese confections) originally developed in Japan—and anmitsu, a dessert of kanten jelly (agar) topped with brown sugar syrup.

For the drinks, Gudetama café serves latte with some different latte art designs depicting the character. You can also enjoy Ana Ga Attara Hairitai Melon Soda Float with the Gudetama’s butts poking out adorably and a chocolate wafer in which an edible printing covered its surface.

Operating Hours and Additional Information

The café opens from 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. It’s a three-minute walk from Hankyu Umeda Station and a five-minute walk from Subway Umeda Station and Hanshin Main Line Umeda Station. Additionally, you can also buy goods like plushies and keychains dedicated to the character and bring them home with you.