5 Shopping Tips on a Vacation to Avoid Overspending

Traveling is not just to enjoy and feel new experiences. It will be fun to bring home souvenirs for your loved ones. Some of your friends and family will ask you for souvenirs or gifts if you are planning to go on a vacation.

But, if you don’t plan it wisely, unplanned shopping will make you overspending and ruin your to-do-list in your itinerary. So, it’s better if you plan all the things you will do during vacation beforehand. Here are five tips and guides for successful souvenirs shopping to avoid overspending.

Do a research

Have a thorough research of what you should do in your vacation itinerary. List down the places with all the detailed information, such as the most popular and typical crafts, unique food, key chain, or t-shirt that represents local culture.

There are many options for shopping stores, from the cheapest to luxury stores or the local markets. Make sure you choose the right shopping place that suits your time and schedule.


In this case, you should make a shopping budget separated from the travel budget. Try to avoid buying souvenirs at the tourism attraction and airport because the price tends to be more expensive than the actual prices.

It’s better to go to the local markets to find authentic but affordable souvenirs. This way, you can minimize your budget but still make your loved ones happy.

Make a list of names

Write down the name of people you want to give souvenirs before you go. Do this to avoid wasting time on whom you want to buy souvenirs. And also, make sure that the souvenirs are not heavy and easy to pack.

The souvenirs should fit inside your luggage. In doing this, you don’t have to pay for an extra charge for luggage on your flight.

Don’t buy it right away

Don’t buy souvenirs and goods right after you arrive at the destination. Make sure that the store sells good quality products at reasonable prices.

Compare one store to another to find the best price and quality. You can also get the best deals and do bargain with the seller to get the cheaper price.

Do double-checking

Everybody wants to buy great souvenirs. So, you need to do double-checking the item before you buy it. The item should be in good condition and not damaged. Make sure to do double-checking because most sellers don’t offer refund.