6 Cuba Travel Tips: Read This Before You Go to Fascinating Attractions There

Having a trip to Cuba can be both fascinating and frustrating. Even so, if you have adequate planning, you can at least be prepared for the worst. To help you to travel there, here are several useful tips that you should read before you go to some attractions in Cuba.

Take a Cuban Tourist Card

If you want to spend up to two months in Cuba, you don’t need a visa. However, almost all international travelers ought to get a Cuba Tourist Card that is valid up to 30 days for traveling. It’s really important since you cannot get into the country without this card. Make sure you get it along on the grounds Cuba can be an officious country.

Bring Travel and Medical Insurance

Having a medical insurance when you visit Cuba is compulsory. You may meet random checks at airports thus you should bring a printed copy of your medical insurance. The good news is that Cuba has excellent healthcare with a very high standard.

Understand the Currency of Cuba

You need to familiarize yourself with Cuba’s currency system. There are two official currencies, they are the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP). You can use CUC for purchases like hotels, resorts, tourist attractions, and restaurants.

Most locals use CUP instead of CUC. There are some situations that you should use CUP, purchasing at street vendors and food stalls, flea market, small local bodegas, convenience marts, and purchasing bus tickets.

Don’t Forget to Bring a Lot of Cash

As a matter of fact, there are only a few businesses that accept credit cards and debit cards. Therefore, you should bring cash on you all times since all things in this country are paid in cash.

However, you don’t need to worry because you can re-stock up your cash during traveling. This country has about 780 ATMs. They are mostly located in large cities such as Matanzas, Holguin, Havana, and Santiago de Cuba.

Book Your Transport in Advance

There are two main choices for independent travelers. You can hire your own car or mix taxis and buses. Be sure that you pre-book your transportation before you go to Cuba to get a better price and less anxiety.

Learn Spanish or Download it on Google Translate

For your information, there are very few people who speak English. It will be really good if you can talk in Spanish. It is recommended to download Spanish in Google Translate before you leave to help you communicate with locals. When you understand a little Spanish, locals will be even friendlier and loved to talk to you.

Cuba isn’t an easy destination to travel to, moreover for the first-timer. However, you still can enjoy the trip after applying some tips above. Also, don’t forget to behave with respect towards local culture so that your traveling in Cuba will be smoother.