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What tourists are stating:

San Cipriano (Spanish pronunciation: [san siˈpɾjano] is a little village situated at 200 meters (660 feet) above water level on the Pacific close by the port of Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia. The town is small and the residents friendly. There is a small primary school in San Cipriano.

San Cipriano is famous for its unique transport system; to arrive from Cordoba, you need to take a trip utilizing little, flat, open train carts called “brujitas,” Which use the deserted train and are typically made from wood. They are powered either by a hand pump or a motorcycle that pulls it.The bike-powered wood lorry over the rail roadway made by the residents is cold!! The brujita trip for nearly 30 minutes is maybe among the most gratifying parts of this journey.

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Via a Buenaventura, corregimiento Cordoba, San Cipriano Colombia

Invite to San Cipriano:

This small Afro-Colombian town is as well-known for its mode of arrival as to the city itself. They were positioned on the little-used Cali– Buenaventura railway and 15km from the nearby roadway. The citizens have come up with innovative homemade rail trolleys powered by motorbikes. The front-wheel repaired in the air, the back wheel in contact with one of the rails. There is just one track, and numerous trolleys are lacking in the brakes department.

The town is in the middle of the jungle on the Pacific side of the mountain variety. A close-by river with crystal-clear water makes for a relaxing swim. It rains considerably here, so it brings damp weather condition equipment. The Fundación San Cipriano charges COP$ 1500 admission to the location. The friendly hostel owner recommended heading over to San Cipriano. However, I had never heard of the place being offered by the stories of crystal clear water, a neighborhood with no roadways linking it to the rest of the nation. The reality that I desired out of Cali, I quickly fell for the fairy tale.

How to Get There:

  1. From Cali: Catch the bus headed for Buenaventura. COP 18,000.
  2. From Armenia: Follow the very same instructions as above.
  3. From Buenaventura: Take the bus headed for Cali or Armenia. Exit at Cordoba. Thirty minutes.

Moto Brujas:

See, no roadways are leading into San Cipriano. Someplace over the years, some genius working with the products at hand chose they were tired of strolling to and from the primary road. The 20 minutes you’ll invest riding the weird gizmo will be one of the highlights of your life.

What to Expect:

After getting here in San Cipriano, you’ll require to pay your COP 2,000 (<$ 1USD) to go into the reserve. You’ll be too hectic talking and waving with the residents. I advise Hostel David for a COP 35,000 (~$ 12USD) personal space for 1-2. Best of San Cipriano: As far as I understand, the residents simply call it la Cascada the Spanish word for waterfall. Everybody in the neighborhood understands how to get there. You can work with one of the regional kids to take you there for next to absolutely nothing.

You have to cross a handful of streams and rivers to get there. Lease a tube in town for around COP 8,000 (~ USD 2.50). If you stroll to the new river entryways, you’ll tube back down for around 40 minutes. – River– done with the tubing. Hang out at the river. Party with the Locals,  for such a small little place, San Cipriano understands how to have a good time. At nights you can discover visitors and residents slinging back beers, playing music, and dancing in the streets and stores.

Where to Eat: Hostel David, I had all my meals at the dining establishment on the very first flooring. Food is inexpensive and excellent. $8,000 COP (~$ 2.50 USD) for the day-to-day specials.

Tips: It is way too damp to sleep conveniently in a camping tent. There is no hostel offering free camping lodgings.  Food, beer, and water ($ 1 per liter) are cost-effectively priced. No requirement to stockpile excessively before coming. – As a group of 4, we paid COP 12,500 (~$ 4USD) per person for a tube leasing, optional life vest, and tourist guide to the waterfall from Hostel David.  I remained for three nights in San Cipriano, primarily because I was delighted in living. It’s possible to see whatever stays just one night in the town, particularly with the 2 pm checkout time.

How to Get Out: If at any time before the last flight, you reveal up, and no one is offered. If you do not have a phone capable of working in Colombia, do not fret one of the friendly residents will call for you. Take the moto towards Zaragoza if heading inland towards Armenia or Cali. Take the moto towards Cordoba if heading for Buenaventura. Afterthoughts: Talking with the residents, it’s clear that numerous feel like the federal government forgot them. They took what they had at hand and made their lives much better.

I motivate everybody if provided the opportunity to get over to San Cipriano to see its appeal very first hand. San Cipriano is a small town of 500 residents close to Buenaventura in western Colombia. In terms of environment, the city is situated in a damp subtropical forest. For that reason, the weather condition is defined by regular rain and wet, warm daytime temperature levels. Arriving is half the enjoyable. However, the gorgeous environments and serene ambiance of the location can keep you hectic for a day or more.

Get in: The only connection to the town is by railway. Due to the absence of trains, residents have established their innovative transport system with human-powered or motorbike-propelled lorries that use train tracks. To arrive, take a bus from Cali to Buenaventura and leave at Cordoba as soon as their residents will approach you and lead you down the road around 500 meters to the railroad track. Work out the rate for your journey (residents pay COP$ 5.000; however, as a traveler, you will most likely require to pay COP$ 8,000 or more).

San Cipriano – Railroad: There are some stunning waterfalls with some crystal clear swimming pools to take a dip at a place called Refugio del Amor. Simply follow the dirt track out of town till you see an eco-friendly path with an indication stating ‘Refugio del Amor.’

Do: The most typical traveler activity in the town is to shower or swim in the river. The water is cold, however, not intolerably so. On a hot, damp day, many travelers and residents are frequently swimming in the river or resting on the rocky coast. Numerous locations rent inner-tubes; after leasing one, simply stroll up the dirt track and hop in the river and recede to town with some rapids en route. Since immediately after rains the river can increase considerably within seconds, be cautious.

Purchase: Presently, there is very little to purchase in the town itself; there are several shops offering items such as sweets or potato chips. However, there are no souvenirs for sale. In Cordoba, the city that all travelers travel through on their method to San Cipriano. residents often offer different fruits from the area, such as games and sugar anon as cacao, and walking cane (which they erroneously describe chirimoyas).

Consume: -Due to the town’ s distance to Buenaventura on the pacific coast, good-quality seafood and shrimp are offered at budget-friendly rates. Domestic beers are for sale in the town. Sleep: There are numerous hotels in the town, although the accommodations are rustic and incredibly standard. Hotel David, about 500 meters down the road, uses fundamental low-cost lodging. The friendly hostel owner recommended heading over to San Cipriano.

See, no roadways are leading into San Cipriano. After showing up in San Cipriano, you’ll be required to pay your COP 2,000 (<$ 1USD) to get in the reserve. I motivate everybody if offered the opportunity to get over to San Cipriano to see its appeal very first hand. San Cipriano is a small town of 500 residents close to Buenaventura in western Colombia.