The Things That You Only Find and Can Do in Japan


To Westerners, Japan borders on the peculiar, with acquainted insinuations of odd foods, bat-sh * t video game shows, and even game reveals where individuals might eat bat sh * t. However, in reality, the country’s astounding coolness will undoubtedly leave you wondering whether all the right stuff you experienced there was actual or only your creativity. If you can imagine it, you can probably do it in Japan.

Here are 20 activities that confirm that factor. And just bear in mind (for the sake of your Facebook close friends), images, or it did not occur.

1. Obtain your buzz on at a vibe bar Tokyo

Upon paying about $20 (consists of 2 drinks) at Shibuya’s Ambiance Bar Wild One, you’ll get your extremely own cafeteria-style plastic glove. That’s your ticket to touch and switch on all the vibrators, checking out more than 330 versions from around the globe. Heed your house rules, however, which specify they can be held as well as touched, yet not “used.” Don’t lie; you were wondering. Before you prepare your browse through, note that just women and also pairs are admitted, as well as groups of three or even more need to be a bulk woman. Sorry, fellas.

2. Join Super Mario house cleanings

As if Super Mario Bros. weren’t phallic enough by itself, real-life heroes can get off on the Maidreamin Digitized Coffee Shop as well as Dining Bar, loaded with women in French housemaid outfits leaping on trampolines and punching boxes for factors. This Shibuya area is a variant of the typical Japanese housemaid coffee shop, which deals with sexually quelched males that are into Cosplay. This is thought about prevalent, BTW.

Pay a $5 cover and order at least one thing off the food and beverage menu to experience housemaid friendliness. “Triggering” the housemaids to work as video game characters cost quite a bit more, however, if you hang around enough time, some sucker at another table will undoubtedly pay the fee, which brings that 1UP sound with it.

3. Enjoy baseball, but far better baseball
Several Areas
Looter alert: Japan takes massive points as well as makes them better. At Nippon Baseball League video games, fans drink on drafts provided by ballpark hawkers wearing beer-like jetpacks; the snacks vary from the familiar game-day price to smoked squid on a stick, and followers have a chant dedicated to each player.

The season ranges from March through October, and also many big cities have a group with far-out names like Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters or Tokyo Yakult Swallows. Purchase tickets at the ballpark (sell-outs are possible) or at a corner store like FamilyMart. In any case, it beats watching the Astros.

Image by Xiaojun Deng

4. Drink coffee with a hairy cuddle friend

Pet cat coffee shops have made their means to America, but undoubtedly, that’s also boring for Japan. Rabbit Cafe in Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood welcomes you to choose a bunny (from 30!) and a themed area to socialize in for an hour. Watch them knock right into miniature bowling pins as well as poop in every corner for $70. Owl cafes like Osaka’s Lucky Owl invite you to pay a little cost for a beverage and the right to stroke the owls. That is not a euphemism for anything, either. These coffee shops are suggested to treat loneliness. Attempt to stand up to saying they’re a real hoot.

5. Worship boobs

There’s a temple for nearly everything in Japan, including several devoted to second base– and not the kind in the Nippon League. Karube Shrine in Okayama Prefecture’s Soja City, as an example, is a fertility temple beckoning women from all over Japan to pray to the goddess of breasts and also socializing in Kyushu? There’s also the Udo Shrine in Miyazaki Prefecture. You can ogle “boob rock” inside the cavern where the mother of all gods is claimed to have nursed her children. Call boobs!

6. Endure Lost in Translation

For a refreshing time, check out the New York Bar atop the Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku. You’ll identify it from Lost in Translation. Along with a remarkable Scotch and also Japanese bourbon collection, the bench caters to movie nerds by using Francis Coppola “Sofia” Rosé by the glass. Expect “with a view” prices, given that you’ll likely be watching out at Tokyo with your jaw hanging open. You must close that to prevent your drink from spilling. Note: bench’s likewise a little limited on its picture plan, as lots of celebrities frequent the lounge.

7. Get hooked on Sumo

Do not be amazed if you scrub elbows with a sweaty bowling ball putting on a complete thong– it won’t cost you anything added! Even the highest-ranked sumo wrestlers enter the arena through the same gates as viewers. Every year, with six tournaments covering Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, it deserves planning your journey around among these “bishops.” The lead-up to when two fat guys clash stomachs is as extreme as E. Honda’s hundred hand slap. While action begins as early as 8:30 am, the highest department does not start wrestling until the late afternoon. Purchase your tickets in advance to prevent taking care of lines or a potential sell-out.

Image by Ian Kennedy

8. Find out sake secrets


Sake has several ranges as Robert Durst has aliases: Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai, Daiginjo, Ginjo, Honjozo, as well as past. Open a few of its secrets by seeing the Nada district in Kobe, where 40 distinctive breweries produce 30% of the country’s rice white wine. You’ll likely identify the name Hakutsuru because it’s hugely dispersed in the US of A, but have a look at the smaller tags, like Kiku-Masamune. Most breweries provide free tastings and also informative (though braggadocio) films in English.

9. Play limitless games for $20.


Imagine Dave & Buster’s on steroids as well as with a Japanese spin. Archery, basketball, tennis, football, tennis, bowling, and beyond can be played under one roofing system at Round1/Spo-Cha in Osaka, directly off the Dotonbori. Fork over about $20 for a bracelet representing 3 hours of unlimited, all-included enjoyable spread over nine floors. Suppose you do not wish to obtain very perspiring results. In that case, there’s also a floor dedicated to video games ranging from the typical suspects like Mario Kart to a realistic trip simulator. No coins needed, only that magic armband. Exhausted? Fatigued gamers can settle into a massage chair in the leisure location with a publication of the manga. It resembles most likely to the gallery when you were a youngster, except you won’t invest your entire allocation on Lethal Enforcers.

10. Fish for your dinner at a restaurant.

Dinner at Zauo is as complicated as Mahjong, so bring a Japanese audio speaker. Since you want to eat, you have to first catch your dinner using a mix of rods with baited hooks and also webs. The catch(!) is there’s no throwing a fish back as soon as you reel it in, and price tags differ by varieties. It’s the Japanese variation of choosing your lobster at Red Lobster. As soon as a fish is on your line, the team will undoubtedly bang a drum revealing your success. After that, it’s time to decide if you want your haul sashimi-style, barbequed, or fried. Tables are placed on a gigantic wooden boat structure neglecting relentless, hungry fishers at the workplace. You’re all in this together.

11. Eat Kobe beef in Kobe.

Consuming Kobe beef in Kobe is a little like putting on a Destiny’s Child tee to a Destiny’s Youngster concert. Yet whatever. Utilize it as a reason to drop costs, costs, expenses (yen, yen, yen) on among the most costly dinners of your life. The king of beef marbled with fat, grade A5, runs regarding $90 for a 5oz tenderloin at the other touristy dining establishments (read: English menus) like Mouriya Sannomiya. Order it rare for best outcomes, and try the first bite with just a sprinkle of salt before using the ponzu sauce for the remainder of the dish. You will not regret this.

12. Drink the globe’s finest whiskey where it’s made.


Call in advance to schedule a place on the Yamazaki Distillery excursion that’s come to be significantly prominent since Japan stole the most effective scotch in the world title away from Scotland in 2014. It winds through washbacks, fermentation storage tanks, strange pot stills, and cold and dank maturation storage before finishing with a celebratory highball and journey to the bourbon collection and sampling area. It’s there you can establish a DIY tasting of 15ml pours varying from regarding $1 to $24. Select an upright (Yamazaki 12, 18, and 25 years), or compare some great young coeds (The Macallan, Hakushu, and Yamazaki 18-years).

13. Sleep in a strange pill hotel.


If $17 seems like the appropriate rate for a one-night crash pad, attempt a capsule resort. Nine Hours Kyoto is a fantastic wager, thanks to its excellent feel and total sanitation. Men and women are divided by flooring to prevent monkey business, offered there’s no drape or lock to your hull. Shower centers, Wi-Fi, as well as travel luggage storage lockers contribute to comfort. Discounts or refunds for snoring neighbors are not given, so you ‘do much better direct your inner LeBron and bring your Beats by Dre. Or a minimum of a pair of earplugs.

Image by Kojach

14. Play vending equipment roulette.

There are many tales out there when it involves Japanese vending devices, consisting of the holy grail story of the stained panty dispenser put somewhere in Akihabara. If it exists, it’s hard to locate, so focus your time on other outstanding vending equipment for your IG selfies, similar to this one that gives emergency apparel in case you sweat, or one that blows up balloons. Make it your goal to finesse all who came before you in their pursuit to sell something to an unfamiliar person rather than a 100 Grand Bar or salsa-flavored SunChips.

15. Get naked with strangers.

Team showering is so entrenched in Japanese culture; they don’t reconsider disrobing and slipping into piping hot spring water, encouraging health and wellness advantages. What differentiates this bathroom, as well as your YMCA locker room, is the step after disrobing and also before the dip. You must make a spectacle out of bathing and scrubbing before getting in the bathtub, precisely because all eyes will undoubtedly get on you– no person can stand up to a peek at international junk. These baths, known as “onsen” if they’re indoors, and “rotenburo” if they’re outside, create soul-satisfying relaxation if you can get over revealing skin. Public bathhouses abound in both considerable cities to the countryside; seek this icon when reserving a resort:?

16. Release your internal karaoke diva.

Unless you have a shot at making “The Voice,” belting out ballads in front of packed bars is nobody’s concept of a good time. Also, after 3 Long Island Iced Teas. In Japan, they theorize the weirdness from karaoke by offering you the trick to personal space, full with English songbooks, mics, and a critical doorbell. This buzzer is your portal to icy drafts and treats. Safe in your office where no unfamiliar people can hear you, do not hesitate to break out songs you would certainly never attempt openly. If you can hit the high notes in “Right here I Go Again,” after that, you’re just lying concerning your prowess.

17. “Sleep” in a Love Resort.

Do you know how the big challenge in research study abroad connects is not having anywhere to shack up with your companion? What if there had been a hotel room that you did not need to rent for the evening? Enter the Japanese Love Resort– the young love remedy when you deal with your parents permanently. These short-stay spots offer areas by the hr and are usually themed or garish, with features you need to see to believe: waterslides, fish tanks, smoke equipment, slide carousels, as well as Jacuzzis. Oh, and they’re created for you to make love as well as go house. An indicator with per hour prices like this one will idea you in that you’ve found one.

18. Bedazzled in Tsukiji Market.

No real enchanting included, however. But if a little part of you enjoys seafood, you have to walk the narrow stalls of Tsukiji Market. Play a plot of “would you consume that?” while glimpsing awe-inspiring tuna. While it’s next-to-impossible for travelers to attend the tuna auction around 5:30 a, the marketplace is still worth checking out from 9-11a. Just lookout for the golf-cart-sized trucks driven by Japanese men who appear to value human life as long as they value tuna life. After you’re worn out, pop into any one of the neighboring stalls for a massive bowl of chirashi sushi.

19. Climb Up Mt. Fuji by night.


Your probabilities of being gone by a Japanese granny with purple hair and a strolling stick are high as you start your hike to the top. You’ll think to yourself, “Definitely, if she can make it, this will certainly be cake.” Well, don’t forget these girls have most likely made it through epidural-free childbirth, so they’re tougher than you and also your local bar’s baby bouncer. To make the Mt. Fuji hike is more about enjoyment than endurance, climbing in the evening to see the sunrise at the top around 4:30 am. If you climb in-season (July-August), there are noodle shops and locations to relax your legs. However, save the area in your tummy for a dish of Japanese curry at the top. Pro pointer: Use sweat-wicking garments, as well as spring for a headlamp.

Image by Giuseppe Milo

20. Hit up a bonkers event.

Not just is the street food yummy. However, the routines will undoubtedly leave you in stitches. Take the annual Tamaseseri celebration in Fukuoka, when a team of farmers competes against a group of anglers to identify who will have one of the most rewarding harvests. Firemans hose pipe the participants down as they pass a slippery bowling ball, attempting to progress throughout a path while sitting on each others’ shoulders in questionable garb (in January!). It’s as absurd as it sounds. Another big celebration is Nagoya’s Honen Matsuri fertility celebration. It serves to clothe like a penis and consume penis-shaped snacks reverently. Google image search this one for a good time. Or even better– just go there and experience it for your penis-shaped-snacks-eating self.